About Us

Our History

RIBA-VIDAL Abogados was founded in 1991 with the aim of providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs, directors and managers in the business discipline.

The key element of the new creation project of our firm was the specialization in the area of litigation.

Since then, RIBA-VIDAL Abogados has followed a constant growth in all areas of legal advice, but always having as key business the litigation and the lawsuit in all jurisdictions.

At present, our team is made up of 25 lawyers, distributed between the offices in Madrid and Barcelona, most of whom have developed their entire professional career in the firm, however, always linked to teaching and training.

Our principles

The law firm RIBA VIDAL ABOGADOS performs its services based on the following principles:

Professionalism | "Working more also means working better”

Our professionals, in constant training and genuine specialists in their disciplines, regularly work in different areas in order to obtain a more complete and global vision of the questions which can be raised by the client.

Independence | “We only have a duty to the client”

Our decisions are always based on our own criteria. We do not belong to any national or international structure which could condition our action.

Closeness | “We treat the client as a friend”

We base our relationship on the confidence and on the personal connection with our clients.

Collaboration | “ Who thinks he knows everything, knows nothing”

The demands of professionalism lead us regularly, to collaborate with external specialists, who help us form the most accurate opinion

Teamwork | “Unity creates strength”

Working in a team enriches the process and enhances the results.

Respect | “Respect is the basis of understanding”

Respect for the opposing party is a maxim of all our professionals.

Innovation | “Only creativity removes us from mediocrity”

Advising is, without doubt, innovating. On the basis of experience, the solution of the future is constructed.

Confidenciality | “Our clients do not know our clients”

It is a basic principle of our action: information regarding our clients never crosses the doors of our office.

Speed | “Our client is the only master of his time”

In the world in which we live, an answer which is not fast is not the best answer.

Pragmatism | “First live, then philosophize”

The best solution is that which can be carried out satisfactorily.

Seeking justice | Is there anything else?

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